5 Things I Learned While Prepping for a Fashion Show in 5 Weeks

I’m a planner. Especially when it comes to my business, I like to create business plans, tentative timelines, goals, etc. So when the organizers of RAW Artists contacted me in late March about showing a collection at their Denver showcase on May 2nd, I was floored. My plans had a fashion show tentatively set up for the Fall. Instead of having over 5 months to prepare, I had 5 weeks.

Here’s what I learned over those 5 weeks:

1: Gather a team
As an artist I prefer working alone. I’m used to being a one man show, and have rather enjoyed that aspect of being a designer. However, to put on a fashion show, I needed all hands on deck; models, an assistant, a makeup/hair artist, and more than anything a supportive partner. I’m lucky to have great friends, and a pool of talented individuals to draw from, and I could not have done it without them all. My wife played a huge role in my ability to edit my work, or to help me see the pieces with fresh eyes. My assistant for the night of the show was instrumental in keeping things running smoothly as my attention was needed elsewhere. My hair and makeup artist, Paige Miller helped bring my looks to life, and fully understood my vision!

makeup on emme.jpeg

2: Plan as many details as possible
For an event like this, the details matter. Try to nail down as much information as you can. Things can change in an instant, so having a roughed out plan will aid in being able to make more informed adjustments as time goes on. Also, the closer you get to the show, the less head space you’ll have to think about details, so having done that work ahead of time will be a huge help.

3: Edit yourself
The number of times that I caught myself trying to add more to a garment was incredible. Luckily I have a partner in crime who has great taste, and who has a discerning eye. She was able to help me see things differently, and I was also able to run my ideas past her just to get a second opinion. Sometimes editing means taking away, sometimes it means adding a little something, and sometimes it means leaving a piece alone! Keep coming back to your pieces, and look at them as individuals and as part of a the whole collection. A designer’s work is never truly done.

4: Be Flexible
Things can change in an instant, you might need to scramble to find a new model, or makeup artist,, worst case scenario, one of your garments could get ruined. Keep calm, stay focused and adapt. The more you fight change and the circumstances the harder things will be. If you find yourself getting harried, take a moment to breathe, calm down, and come back at the problem with a sense of clarity.

5: Cherish the moment
This was my first fashion show, and I wanted to make sure that I was present for every moment of it. While the day of the show was chaotic, and the my collection was only on stage for about 6.5 minutes, I wanted to elongate that moment as much as possible. Take photos, thank everyone involved, enjoy yourself. At some point in the couple days before the show, I reached a moment of clarity. I realized that everything that I could have done was done, and I just needed to take the day as it came.

Thank you to RAW Artists for giving me this opportunity to showcase my fashion brand, and I cannot wait for the next show!