Branches Fabric - The Story Behind the Print

Most comments that I get on my clothing is how much people love the print I’m using. I designed the branches fabric a few years ago, before I was even doing any sewing. I took a lot of black and white photography of trees when I was in art school, and really bumped up the contrast to create bold, striking pieces of art. I got intrigued to turn it into fabric, but was slow to actualize that reality until I finally bit the bullet and ordered it from Spoonflower. I’ve made a few prints using different branches, and have even used the side of a mountain to create many of the looks in my TAKA collection.


Here’s how I make these prints.

First I start with a photograph of branches. I find that dusk and dawn are the best times for this, as you get a great silhouette of the branches against a relatively flat background. a high-res photo is essential to use, otherwise you won’t get crisp lines in your print.

branches for blog.jpg

Then, using a photo editor, I will crop the photo to capture the part of the branches I like best. After I have cropped, I’ll make the photo black and white. I will then up the contrast so there is only true black and true white. I’ll edit any unwanted pieces out (like the wires in this example.)

branches for blog step 3.jpg

Then I’ll upload it to Spoonflower, choose the mirrored tiling option, choose my fabric, and then order!

I love this process because I get absolutely unique fabrics using my own photography and experiences.

You can view/purchase pieces using my branches and mountain prints in my TAKA collection!