Slow Fashion - Handwoven Pleated Skirt

If you’ve been following along with my blog, you’ll have noticed that the last two posts have been about a project using fabrics from recycled/upcycled saris, and a chunk of fabric found at a second hand store.

In addition to upcycling, I enjoy the process of slow fashion. Building a fabric from yarn, then sewing it up into a garment is an experience that is unlike any other for me. One reason I choose slow fashion is to be more conscious of my impact on the environment. Knowing where my materials come from, how they’re made, and then using them to their fullest is essential to me. I also love the mental health benefits; slowing down my pace from the insane day-to-day to a slow, meditative back and forth of passing the shuttle through the warp.

Roll of handwoven fabric in blue and gold on a loom.

My most recent slow fashion project was the Channeling Chanel Skirt that I made for a recent Needle Arts Trade Show. This project pushed my skills working with handwoven fabric, and nearly every detail was hand-sewn, except for the fringed hem. The amount of control I had with this project (due to my hand in every step of the process) allowed me to get exactly the fabric and finished garment I wanted. You can read the whole process, and learn how to make your own, at the Schacht Spindle Blog.

blue and gold pleated Skirt.jpg