It all started with a pair of knitting needles.

In highschool, my eldest sister taught me how to knit because I had asked her for help on a Halloween costume. My love affair with textiles continued in college where I picked up crochet, and built a small business selling hats, and stuffed animals. Around this time I started designing outerwear; sweaters, jackets, and also the occasional skirt.

Once I graduated from college, I started working at Schacht Spindle Company, a loom and spinning wheel company, where I fell further down the rabbit hole of fibers and textiles. I began spinning my own yarn and weaving my own fabric. I quickly desired making more complex pieces. I launched Benjamin Collyn in mid-2017 after making a few handwoven jackets, but wanted even more control over the design process. I started designing my own textiles in 2016-2017, and made a few one-off pieces.

In May 2019 I launched my first official collection, TAKA, using these unique patterns at the Raw Artists Showcase in Denver.

My mission is to create sustainable and ethical clothing that inspires, ignites, and illuminates the creative within. Everyone deserves to look and feel their best.

Every piece is drafted, cut, and sewn by Benjamin, ensuring a great fit every time.